Adorable Husky Raised by Cats Thinks She’s a Cat, Too, and It’s SO Cute

Mar 9, 2022 AT 10:16 AM | BY DailyBiss

Cats and dogs certainly have their own quirks. There’s no denying that. But what would happen if, say, a cat were raised by dogs? Would the cat behave like a dog? Or would it still behave like a cat? And what about a dog raised by cats? Would his natural canine traits eventually take over, or would he act like a cat? Well, wonder no more, because we have the definitive proof in the case of Tally, the husky raised by cats who also still thinks he’s a cat.

Tally is a husky mix and was raised in a household with cats. As Tally got older, her owners noticed that she lacked the usual canine tendencies and instead acted much more like her feline companions, as seen in the series of photos her owner posted on Imgur. Some of Tally’s feline traits include her dumbness, her laziness, her general disdain for humans (cat lovers will really understand this), and Tally’s amazing feline flexibility.

As the owner describes, Tally’s full name is Tao Tao, which means “mischievous” in Chinese. You will see below that there are many reasons for this name.

Tally is really no different, and she obviously has not learned anything from her youth. According to her owners, one of Tally’s favorite pastimes is to watch over the neighborhood and calmly judge the human condition.